Anna Stasia



Whether its your senior year, or you need new headshots for work, I got you covered. 

This entails simple outfits, nothing over-the-top. Easy colors and textures that work well together. For whatever look you are going for.

For three looks I start at- 150.00

For one look I start at- 75.00


Engagement sessions, best friend shoots, siblings, and whatever other kind of pair for 2 people haha!

Again simple, clean outfits that are cohesive with one another as well. 

For just two people, and two looks I start at- 150.00

For a 3rd look I start at 50.00 more.

For every additional person (with two looks) start at- 75.00

High fashion

High fashion concept shoots. This is for more "out of the box" shoots. More creativity, and more of a story behind it. This is what I love to do, and what I excel at.

For one model, with three looks I start at- 150.00

Conceptual / Avant Garde

Shoots with a high fashion editorial, concept will vary highly, depending on the project. 

For projects like this I am very dedicated to, and do hand make a lot of pieces, and really go out of my way for the final image.

The best estimate I can give you would be for three looks starting at- 175.00+


My rates will vary depending on project. Please email me for a more accurate estimate. But this page is here to give you an example or range of what you looking at for payment. 

Lots of factors go into my pricing, such as my out of pocket expenses, my time and transportation. That why prices will always vary. 

If you do have an inquiry please find my email on my About page, or fill out the form.

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