Anna Stasia

White Rabbit

This shoot was so much fun, and we had an incredible team to back it. Emma Wondra came to me with he idea, and I was stokedddd to say the least. I love a monochromatic project any day! Emma had this bunny mask, and with its smooth shiny texture I really looked for pieces that would work well in good harmony. Different textures and finishes that don’t compete with one another, but complement.

For the first look I kept it simple, this oversized white tee, had these cool buckle details on the sleeves, giving the T more of a silhouette. since it was large on her we pulled a shoulder down to allow more space for subtle body paint. Paired with these white linen pants. The material just draped so well, and the pants weren’t our focal point here, so I kept her in them for both looks. I belted the pants up with an all white “70s” circle buckled belt. the belt was a similar shiny vinyl as the mask, so the complemented each other form different parts of the body. and a plain white stiletto worked perfectly. 

For the second look, we had more of a grey background and some more movement happening. I am always dying to use this fringe jacket I keep tucked neatly in my closet. It is such an amazing piece, I am just to nervous to ever wear it out haha. maybe 2019 will be its year. Anyway. so yes this amazing all white, fringe vegan leather jacket, the movement of the fringe, candles, smoke, and feathers! ah what a team. I adore how this set turned out. such harmony throughout the shoot. And such incredible femme minds all working together!

Shout out to all the ladies that came together for this shoot,

Emma behind the camera (and these props.) Aleah on makeup, Christina made the accessories, Duchess in front of the camera, and me on wardrobe. 

Here is there instas;

Emma Wondra- @emmawondra

Aleah Kraft- @Museefx

Duchess- @Bijouxduchess

Christina Peterson- @anhedoine

What she’s wearing:

First look;

Top- Zara

Bottoms & belt- Thrifted

Second look;

Jacket- BCBG

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