Anna Stasia

Welcome 2019

Ahh the sweet false relief of a new year. 2019 you have finally made your debut. While we know not much actually changes in the new year, and most of the time a new year and a “new me” is typically bullshit. Who doesn’t love a photogenic New Years eve party, and well a good excuse to start a new thing in life. We all love milestones, and reflecting on memories after a long 365 days, filled to the brim with love, laughter, sadness, ideas, and probably (lets be honest) some boredom.

Without getting too heavily into “New Years resolutions,” goals and aspirations are always a great thing to have on your mind. For me, blog post #1 is well…on its way. More than ever I want is to continue growing in this world of fashion and inspiration. I want to continue to bring my followers, and friends more content. I want to keep progressing, and grow further in fashion, find somewhere I’m comfortable, but can keep pushing myself.

I am striving to bring you new updates, new looks, and more content that ya’ll want to see. So please continue to tell me what you want it is you want to see from me. To keep sharing my eye with the part of the world that has me in their view. 

I want to keep up with this blog, I plan to focus it mostly on fashion, because if you follow me that is more than likely what you are here to see. But I am sure there will be some other art posts, some dog posts, some happy some sad posts, but mostly I want to keep it real, down to earth, but entertaining.

I love you all, Thank you for supporting me, with your contained support you create a platform for me to continue to do what I love. 


This set I’m wearing:

Black jumpsuit from One by One

Clear plastic harness from Forever21

Wig from Sunny’s wigs

Photography by Logan Ahren

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