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Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion; An over view

What is it?

Why does it matter?

Where can we find it?

…and uh now what?

I’ll do my best to answer these questions, though I am no scientist. I am just a consumer that loves fashion, and is trying to love the earth just as much.

What is it by definition; Ethical fashion, (Eco Fashion) is a part of the trend of sustainability. Sustainability is the idea that we can create a system that can be supported indefinitely, in terms of human impact on the environment. How that relates to clothing, well the same ideal applies, the goal is that we could create a system in which we are not creating new products that continually harm the environment; the system supports itself, it grows from within itself. Thus creating less negative impact on the environment. Ethical Fashion, is a term that relates to many different aspects referring to clothing such as, design, production, retail, and purchasing. Ethical fashion can focus on a number of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare. 

If you are hungry for more, check out some of the articles I read (and got a lot of my info from), i’ll link them all below.

They cover a lot of topics and go a bit more indepth.

So why does any of this matter?

There is a lot of aspects we can get into, and if you all like this post I’ll continue, to talk further about, fast fashion, materials, marketing, and other topics because there is so much to unfold here.

Water pollution, in majority of the countries where clothing is produced toxic wastewaters from the textile factories are dumped straight into rivers. Arsenic, lead, mercury and other dangerous, and some unidentified, toxins can easily be found. Fertilizers that are used for cotton production are another pollution to our water sources. This is harming people that live by these rivers, the aquatic life, the oceans and any other animal life depending on that water source.

Water is used a ton in clothing production. Approximately 1,800 gallons of water is needed to grow enough cotton to make one pair of your blue jeans. This is adding to the drought of fresh water in the water. 750 million people do not have access to clean water.

Chemical pollution not only affects our water, but also our air. There has been an increase in premature deaths to cotton farmers, who have to breathe these chemicals in daily. These chemicals also cause soil degradation. This poses a threat to our global food security, as well as adding to global warming. 

Other chemicals, are produced from the manufacturing companies. During the processes of production, and transportation these companies are creating an overwhelming amount of greenhouse gasses. Synthetic fibers are made from fossil fuel, so I’m sure you can imagine what that is impacting.

Waste pollution, the most popular fiber used in fast fashion clothing productions is, Polyester, along with Poly, other plastic biased materials do not decomposed for nearly 200 years. Well over half of our clothing is produced with non-biodegradable fibers.

We are affecting our environment, our water, food, soil, air, forests, animals, and people. Now there are lots of other contributors to the environmental issues happening today. However if fashion is something you are passionate about, maybe think about what kind of company your supporting next time you buy that trendy tee at forever 21 that falls apart the first time you wash it.

Exploitation of workers, a huge issue in the manufacturing part of (fast) fashion. Underpaid workers, [mostly woman] and children workers are being paid near 15 cents and hour, working 14-16 hour days. Next time you walk through H&M think about that hands that sewed the garment your looking at. We export our manufacturing to countries outside the US, to get the lowest prices. And avoid US labor laws and safe conditions for workers. 

Where can you find Ethical and Sustainable brands?

Well there are a large handful of brands that do a great job of being [ at the very least] Eco conscious. I plan to make a seperate blog post with a good list a overview of brands check out. It’s not too hard to google too.

Resale stores, When you shop resale, or thrift, in a way you are keeping those items out of the landfills. 

What do you do now?

If your more than used to shopping at a mall every week, or if you work a retail job, (like myself). This will be a big change, if this change is one you want to make. I myself know that I could be better. I know roughly 80% of my wardrobe is at least resale. But I know I still have a long way to go. But my goal for 2019, is to transform my closet to 99% Ethical brands, and resale items only. 

You don’t have to be so drastic about a change, in your own life. But simply being conscious of the issue at hand, is the first step for every consumer.

Shop with thought, and shop with intent. 

There is so so much information out there if your interested I strongly encourage you to check out some other articles.

Some other great helpful links;

and the source for the photos, graphs and overall information:

White Rabbit

This shoot was so much fun, and we had an incredible team to back it. Emma Wondra came to me with he idea, and I was stokedddd to say the least. I love a monochromatic project any day! Emma had this bunny mask, and with its smooth shiny texture I really looked for pieces that would work well in good harmony. Different textures and finishes that don’t compete with one another, but complement.

For the first look I kept it simple, this oversized white tee, had these cool buckle details on the sleeves, giving the T more of a silhouette. since it was large on her we pulled a shoulder down to allow more space for subtle body paint. Paired with these white linen pants. The material just draped so well, and the pants weren’t our focal point here, so I kept her in them for both looks. I belted the pants up with an all white “70s” circle buckled belt. the belt was a similar shiny vinyl as the mask, so the complemented each other form different parts of the body. and a plain white stiletto worked perfectly. 

For the second look, we had more of a grey background and some more movement happening. I am always dying to use this fringe jacket I keep tucked neatly in my closet. It is such an amazing piece, I am just to nervous to ever wear it out haha. maybe 2019 will be its year. Anyway. so yes this amazing all white, fringe vegan leather jacket, the movement of the fringe, candles, smoke, and feathers! ah what a team. I adore how this set turned out. such harmony throughout the shoot. And such incredible femme minds all working together!

Shout out to all the ladies that came together for this shoot,

Emma behind the camera (and these props.) Aleah on makeup, Christina made the accessories, Duchess in front of the camera, and me on wardrobe. 

Here is there instas;

Emma Wondra- @emmawondra

Aleah Kraft- @Museefx

Duchess- @Bijouxduchess

Christina Peterson- @anhedoine

What she’s wearing:

First look;

Top- Zara

Bottoms & belt- Thrifted

Second look;

Jacket- BCBG

Welcome 2019

Ahh the sweet false relief of a new year. 2019 you have finally made your debut. While we know not much actually changes in the new year, and most of the time a new year and a “new me” is typically bullshit. Who doesn’t love a photogenic New Years eve party, and well a good excuse to start a new thing in life. We all love milestones, and reflecting on memories after a long 365 days, filled to the brim with love, laughter, sadness, ideas, and probably (lets be honest) some boredom.

Without getting too heavily into “New Years resolutions,” goals and aspirations are always a great thing to have on your mind. For me, blog post #1 is well…on its way. More than ever I want is to continue growing in this world of fashion and inspiration. I want to continue to bring my followers, and friends more content. I want to keep progressing, and grow further in fashion, find somewhere I’m comfortable, but can keep pushing myself.

I am striving to bring you new updates, new looks, and more content that ya’ll want to see. So please continue to tell me what you want it is you want to see from me. To keep sharing my eye with the part of the world that has me in their view. 

I want to keep up with this blog, I plan to focus it mostly on fashion, because if you follow me that is more than likely what you are here to see. But I am sure there will be some other art posts, some dog posts, some happy some sad posts, but mostly I want to keep it real, down to earth, but entertaining.

I love you all, Thank you for supporting me, with your contained support you create a platform for me to continue to do what I love. 


This set I’m wearing:

Black jumpsuit from One by One

Clear plastic harness from Forever21

Wig from Sunny’s wigs

Photography by Logan Ahren

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