Anna Stasia

Day for the Lovers

The Hallmark holiday is here again. Although I tend to be someone who forgets about V-day 363-ish days of the year, I will say I’m not here to argue with anyone about an excuse to wear pink. Your bitch loves a good theme day. 

I’ve never dated someone that actually gave a shit about Valentine’s day. I myself am pretty neutral about the whole day, whereas eh I don’t really care considering it’s made up. BUTTT not saying it wouldn’t be cool to get some flowers that I’ll save for years. *cough* *cough*

Anyway, here is some clothes since that’s what you came to see.

Here is some more in-depth text about each outfit, including where items are from, etc! 

This first outfit is one of my favs! This silky, pink, cheetah print dress is originally from ASOS, which I thrifted of course. Paired with these “Matching ~ Un-matching” Pink cheetah platforms, from Dollskill! Pink tights and layered over a turtleneck, because it’s cold AF here.

The second look is probably my most tame, but nevertheless, always excited! I was stoked when I found this Anthropologie knit at savers last week. Put with a contrast of textures, this American apparel disco skirt (that I’ve been waiting for it to be an ounce of warm out to wear). I think put with my staple shoes, Steve madden with a hint of GO-GO. Gives me a very Fran Drescher vibe, which lets be honest…she’s all I aspire to be. 

I call this one something like, V-day Pajamas / Ariana Grande on a kitchen table / Silky goddess / Britney Spears in “sleep over” / I feel very cute / but toned down. 

Anyway, I used the same AA skirt, and pink tights! This pink and white silk button down from Victoria’s Secret. And can’t forget these mutha fuckin doll shoes! YRU made these and they might be the cutest goddamn thing that I have for my feet.

Ight and this last outfit, I really just needed a red theme because this purse…this purse is one of my best finds thrifting for sure! 18$ is what I paid for this Mary Frances (retails upwards of 300$). I have a strong attraction to sacred heart imagery in general, and this bag is coveredddd in hand placed beads! 

So I put on black! This polka dot top from Nasty gal, gave a cute print, and broke up all the solid black in the fit. Threw on a blazer I thrifted and this cute satin Zara Skirt. And these vintage booties with an extra touch of red snake skin!

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