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Flashback Trash

Ah a name change and the first step in rebranding my uh brand. You guys quite honestly I really just want to be able to bring more to you, more content, more clothing, more everything. Lately I haven’t been able to do that, but currently I have a lot lined up and ready to go. Now I just need a team, and in the next few months I’ll be having lots more content for you. It has been a slow process to rebuild my confidence, my production, and my vision for what I want this “brand” to be. But I’m feeling more stable and solid as of now, and I’m excited to share what it is that I have created, or uh almost created.

So the name change, why? My brand started out as One man’s Trash, the idea coming from you know “One man’s trash…another’s treasure.” But “One man’s trash” is kind of a mouthful, and it never really flowed how I wanted. I did like having the word “Trash” in there because of my personal instagram @Burninghottrash which in itself, started as a joke and then just ended up staying because, well it’s funny. 

So anyway FlashBack Trash is well, cuter? It has a better flow to it, it’s simpler, and it still gets the idea across of something coming back to life, after its been donated, thrown, etc. Which is what I do. 

I have gone back a fourth about what I want to do; i.e. reseal thrift, resale vintage, make my own stuff, etc etc. But I now am realizing that I don’t need to decide. I can do it all, I just need a better method to organize my mind…I mean my stuff. 

So I’m on my way and just know that more is coming.

Inspiration snake skin

I feel like I often fall in and out of inspiring moments, rather quickly. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never felt as though I have my own “aesthetic”  when it comes to dressing myself. One day I’m Goth, Tuesday I’m only in 70’s vintage, next I’m a Billie Eilish super fan, and by Friday im south western gal again. In a world of labels (*cough* High school) I was constantly asked “What are you?” (I was a Scene Queen for the most part).

I could never commit to a clothing style as fast as I can commit to a boyfriend. 

So is that a problem? Not really no, who cares what you wear, hell, that was my senior quote, “I’ll wear what I want.”- Britney Spears. But sometimes it feels hard to compete when your feed is a mish mosh of looks, and those who post a beige blazer over a white shirt have 10K follows and likes for being a “style grue.” I mean no tea and no shade to those who do minimalist looks, I’m not here to discredit anyone or suggest that I’m better than any. It is just hard to know what your followers want to see from you, when you do nearly everything. 

This week I’ve been inspired by Music lately. I find it refreshing to find inspiration in different forms of art, rather than always looking at what others do. With music I’m absolutely someone that finds that one album, song, or artist that I binge listen to until I’m sick of it. Which sucks for everyone that hangs out with me on the regular, Sorry Chad. But anyway, clearly I’ve been listening to Billie Eilish’s new album since it recently dropped, and man, Billie if you ever want a stylist, let me know because we’d have some fun. That girl knows how to pull off a fucking look. 

So I could say this look is inspired by Billie’s love for chokers, spikes, chains, Chunky sneakers and more typically “men’s” clothing. But with a different take with a more femme; figure hugging pant, more of my typical everyday necklace crew, and I kept everything relatively in neutral tones. 

Day for the Lovers

The Hallmark holiday is here again. Although I tend to be someone who forgets about V-day 363-ish days of the year, I will say I’m not here to argue with anyone about an excuse to wear pink. Your bitch loves a good theme day. 

I’ve never dated someone that actually gave a shit about Valentine’s day. I myself am pretty neutral about the whole day, whereas eh I don’t really care considering it’s made up. BUTTT not saying it wouldn’t be cool to get some flowers that I’ll save for years. *cough* *cough*

Anyway, here is some clothes since that’s what you came to see.

Here is some more in-depth text about each outfit, including where items are from, etc! 

This first outfit is one of my favs! This silky, pink, cheetah print dress is originally from ASOS, which I thrifted of course. Paired with these “Matching ~ Un-matching” Pink cheetah platforms, from Dollskill! Pink tights and layered over a turtleneck, because it’s cold AF here.

The second look is probably my most tame, but nevertheless, always excited! I was stoked when I found this Anthropologie knit at savers last week. Put with a contrast of textures, this American apparel disco skirt (that I’ve been waiting for it to be an ounce of warm out to wear). I think put with my staple shoes, Steve madden with a hint of GO-GO. Gives me a very Fran Drescher vibe, which lets be honest…she’s all I aspire to be. 

I call this one something like, V-day Pajamas / Ariana Grande on a kitchen table / Silky goddess / Britney Spears in “sleep over” / I feel very cute / but toned down. 

Anyway, I used the same AA skirt, and pink tights! This pink and white silk button down from Victoria’s Secret. And can’t forget these mutha fuckin doll shoes! YRU made these and they might be the cutest goddamn thing that I have for my feet.

Ight and this last outfit, I really just needed a red theme because this purse…this purse is one of my best finds thrifting for sure! 18$ is what I paid for this Mary Frances (retails upwards of 300$). I have a strong attraction to sacred heart imagery in general, and this bag is coveredddd in hand placed beads! 

So I put on black! This polka dot top from Nasty gal, gave a cute print, and broke up all the solid black in the fit. Threw on a blazer I thrifted and this cute satin Zara Skirt. And these vintage booties with an extra touch of red snake skin!

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